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Located in St Petersburg and Novosibirsk, the capital of Siberia, we offer intensive Russian language courses for every student and adult looking for a serious way to learn Russian in Russia. We are officially accredited for the TRKI / TORFL exam preparation and testing.

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We offer a unique course model combining mini-group classes, individual lessons and self-study sessions with a varied programme of social and cultural activities. This combination ensures maximum progress in minimum time, while learning about Russian culture and life in Russia.

What our participants say about our course

Learn Russian in Russia with Exlinguo language centres (Oliver T., UK)

As a somewhat beginner in Russian, I was a little anxious about starting my studies in St. Petersburg, but this was quickly put to rest by the warm and relaxed atmosphere at Exlinguo. The staff were very friendly and truly held your best interests at heart. The tuition was extremely productive and engaging, and gave you the confidence to put what you had learnt into practice at home with your host family and around the city in cafes and restaurants. Perhaps the best testament I can pay to my experience is that I will most certainly be back again, and hopefully for longer.

Oliver T. ( United Kingdom - 2 weeks / April 2014)
Learn Russian in Russia | Testimonial Canadian participant

I am very satisfied that I took up the challenge and visited a distant place called Novosibirsk. I did not even try to look for it on the map, I just had this positive feeling that it will be a good experience, and I was right! Culture of the city and its geographical location made me craving to learn more about Russia. The school’s location and its amenities are excellent. The method of teaching is flexible and adjusted to the students’ response. The progress of learning depends on many elements that come to the students mind (like being away from family) but the staff notices that. They made me feel at home and I’ve never seen that any of them were tired of teaching me) So thanks and see you again.

Stergios T. ( Canada - 4 weeks / January 2014)
Learn Russian in Russia with Exlinguo | Testimonial from a UK participant

At Exlinguo, the teachers are all very professional. They were attentive to my learning needs, and made an extra effort to create an enjoyable and stimulating learning environment. Studying in Novosibirsk has been an unforgettable experience. After one month here, I leave behind friends and memories in a town that once seemed far away, but has since become a home from home.

Edward W. ( United Kingdom - 4 weeks / September 2013)
Denmark participants - Learn Russian in Russia with Exlinguo language centres

With dedicated teachers who really put an effort into teaching you Russian and at the same time have fun at it, just makes the whole experience priceless! From the beginning until the end, Exlinguo helps you with everything you can think of. With a mixture of theoretical and practical teaching methods, you always challenge and get the chance to learn one of the most difficult languages in the world in a very effective, fast and fun way. I will strongly recommend everyone who is considering learning Russian to choose Exlinguo and see the beauty of Siberia and the friendliness of the Siberian people.

Robert F. ( Denmark - 3 weeks / July 2013)
Exlinguo Language Centres - Learn Russian in Russia

Memberships and Accreditation

  • Officially accredited for the TRKI/TORFL Russian exam preparation and testing
  • Partnership with the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
  • Member of ROPRYAL
    (Russian Association of Teachers for Russian Language and Literature)
  • Member of the CCIFR
    (Франко-российская торгово-промышленная палата)